Mitel 400 Call Center

De Mitel 400 Call Center oplossing helpt bedrijven om zeer effectieve, kostenefficiënte en uitstekende diensten aan hun klanten te bieden.

The Mitel 400 Call Center offers all important functionalities are needed to optimize the availability of your internal team members for customers. By purpose it sets aside all dispensable complexity – thus keeping the overall solution smart and simple, easy to use and easy to maintain.

The Mitel 400 Call Center supports all important routing algorithms:

  • Linear or cyclic: the first or next free agent within a group is selected
  • Longest idle time: the agent is selected, who has been idle for the longest time
  • Last agent: the agent is selected, who already talked to a customer recently
  • CLIP based: the agent is selected, who is responsible for a certain area (language) or for dedicated customers (VIP’s)

Any combination of these routing algorithms can be used.

Sophisticated overflow mechanisms on agent availability and waiting times help avoiding losing any incoming call – at least offering callers to leave a voice message and to be called back, if no agent can take their call within a reasonable time.

The Mitel 400 Call Center offers agents to

  • login to and logout
  • activate / de-activate participating in different groups (skills)
  • enter a pause state and return to idle
  • enter wrap-up categories and return from wrap-up time manually

These functionalities can easily be used on a normal system terminal (defining functional keys for the required features), on DECT handsets (using soft keys / fox keys) and on a PC using the agent window of the OfficeSuite application.

The status of a call center is displayed on each agent window of the OfficeSuite application showing all queues, the number of calls waiting and the number of available agents.

The status of all agents is monitored within the presence indicator window of the Office Suite application. With this GUI a supervisor can also login agents or end their pause status.

Offline Statistics and Wall Board Display

All detailed call data are provided for daily, weekly or monthly analysis and the Mitel 400 Call Center Supervision offers an extensive set of different reports, which can be tailored to meet the customer's individual requirements. Furthermore external tools like Crystal Reports could be used to provide offline statistics.

Online figures and wall board displays are offered to intensively monitor certain Call Center skills or agents and to visualize the current state of the Mitel 400 Call Center in detail for a Call Center supervisor or at a glance on a wall board display.

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Legacy Product Names

Aastra 400